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Every business is a story and we want to help you write yours.

The story of realization

Every idea that crosses our mind is the beginning of a story. A story that, if told, can take something as fragile as a thought, and turn it into the next business revolution. We call it the story of realization. Sadly, most ideas don’t get to see their story written, and only the most persistent and stubborn ones, ever get to see it finished.

In our experience, every story of realization consists of 4 chapters.

Each of these chapters represent a different stage of a business or project and together they contain all the challenges that an idea must face on its journey towards becoming

a household solution.

Only the writers who can successfully maneuver an idea through the maze of its current chapter are allowed to continue, and only those who can maneuver their idea through all chapters, are allowed to finish, or more accurately, reach a point where the story no longer needs a writer to be scripted. 

On our website, you can read about the broad essence of each chapter of the story to get an idea of which one you’re currently writing and what you have to overcome to finish it.

Unfortunately, every story of realization is unique and so it would be impossible for us to perfectly describe all challenges that come with each chapter of your particular journey, without first learning the specifics of your project.

We are the founders of the story of realization. No one knows the ins and outs of maneuvering an idea through the chapters of this story better than us. By now, we have studied and mastered the art of turning an idea into a business so carefully that we know instinctively what has to be done in order for a concept or a project to journey in the right direction. 

Whether you need to overcome the challenges of a single chapter of your business, or an entire project from start to finish, we would love to hear from you. However, be aware that we chose our projects with care and that we have to truly believe in what you want to accomplish, before signing on as co writers of your story.

Chapter I

The Idea

There can never be a story without a beginning, and the story of realization always begins with an idea. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be clever. All it has to do, is solve a problem. The bigger the problem, the better the idea.

Chapter II

Creating a springboard

The brilliance of a solution is irrelevant if no one ever uses it.

Chapter III


No matter how well written the first two chapters are, they’re never perfect. Yet.

Chapter IV


The success of your last chapter is nothing less than a tribute to your understanding of the story itself.