This project is a perfect example of how we were able to utilize a limited budget to create a website that helped Hellströms Guld communicate quality and competence through their online presence.

What did we want to do?

When we first got involved, everyone in our team felt like the jewellers old website didn't speak the same language as the store itself. We felt like the overwhelming sense of beauty, comfort and quality that hit you when you walked through the doors just hadn't been successfully translated to the virtual world. We wanted to change that.

How did we do it?

The first thing that we needed to do in order to transfer the feeling of the store to the online world was to understand what caused it. In this case, that was probably the simplest and most natural part of the entire project because after only a few minutes of talking to the owners and walking around, we were all completely taken aback by exactly two things. Number one, the competence of the jewellers, and number two, the jewels that they had created. They were absolutely stunning.

The longer you stared at them, the more mesmerising they became. It was like they had a sense of mystery over them that just sucked you in and didn't let go. We knew right away that we needed to capture it, which is why we spent most of our time on this project photographing and editing to make sure that we were able to recreate our experience online.

The outcome

After combining the beautiful high quality photographs with a simplistic design that conveyed the jewels' quality and the jewellers' competence, we had created a low budget website that allowed Hellströms Guld to translate the spirit of their store to the virtual world.

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