During this project, we managed to find and enhance the core of PUSH, an urban skate house in the heart of Stockholm, to create a website that truly communicated the importance of the urban meeting place.

What did we want to do?

From the moment we entered the doors to
PUSH and talked to the people behind it, we realized that an ordinary one-sided website wasn't going to do them justice. They were just too important to too many people in too many different ways. They were an incredible event space in the eyes of companies, a fantastic meeting place in the eyes of visitors and skaters, and a great way for the founding skate company to showcase their innovative improvements to the craft.

Because of this, we knew that in order to create a website that really communicated the overall importance of PUSH, we would have to divide it into three different parts that all expressed the underlying value of each of the previously mentioned aspects.

So that's what we did.

Tip Technology

Through research, animation and copywriting, we were able to understand and communicate the incredible value that tip technology brings to not only skaters, but skateboarding as a whole.

PUSH as an event space

Through writing and design, we were able to create a clean and simple structure that showed companies the details that truly cement PUSH as the frontrunner in the race for Stockholm's best event space.

PUSH as a meeting place

A couple of minutes after we first entered the facility, we knew that there was something special about PUSH as a meeting place. It had this deep sense of comfort and companionship that shielded it from the outside world. When you were there, you were there, and nowhere else. It was an incredible feeling that we really wanted to understand and communicate.

At first, we thought the feeling had something do with the skating, but as we sat down and looked at how the people were treating each other and behaving, we realized that the real reason behind it was much deeper. We realized that what truly made the place special wasn't the individuals that were there, but the forces that connected them. It felt like even though every single person in that building was different, everyone belonged.

The outcome

Through animation and storytelling, we were able to capture the core of the meeting place by recreating the experience we had the first time we sat down, looked around, and genuinely understood how important PUSH was to everyone present.

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