In this project, we managed to dig deep into the underlying history and relevance of Stockholms Klänningsfabrik to create a website that not only showcased the beauty of their dresses, but the underlying reason behind why they are so important.

What did we want to do?

After a passionate discussion with the owners of Stockholms Klänningsfabrik about their history and motivation, we realized that their last website didn't even come close to communicating the affection they felt for their dresses. The difference in value between the dresses on their website and the dresses that they spoke about seemed almost infinite.

To solve this problem, we realized that the most important thing we had to do with their new website, was to figure out how to showcase the dresses in a way that made the customers care about them as deeply as they did. We knew that if we managed that, exciting things would happen.

How did we do it?

The first thing we had to do was to figure out the underlying psychological reasons behind what makes a particular dress important. To do this, we spoke and listened to a large number of women who were already customers to try and pinpoint the qualities that made them value one dress over another.

At first, we got the impression that the most important aspect was the look and feel of the dress. However, after a while we realized that although the beauty and fit played a major part in the initial purchase, what really made a dress important was way deeper. It was in the relationship. Every single woman we spoke to valued the dress that she'd had the most memories with, highest. We discovered that shared moments can turn a dress from a piece of clothing, to a dear friend.

The Outcome

With this knowledge as the foundation, we were able to use photography and storytelling to create an online experience that used memories and relationships to let customers see every single one of Stockholms Klänningsfabrik's dresses, as a potential friend.

As we expected, the results were phenomenal.

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